Fixing Hamachi after Windows 8 upgrade

Recently after upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I was unable to connect to devices through my LogMeIn Hamachi VPN.  It turns out that the virtual networking adapter for Hamachi had disappeared.  You could completely uninstall and then re-install Hamachi to solve the issue, but that can be a pain.  The quick fix is to run a few commands as administrator.

Open the command prompt as an administrator and run these commands from the Hamachi folder…

On 64 bit versions of Windows your Hamachi folder will most likely be located here…

On 32 bit versions of windows it will most likely be located here…


10 thoughts on “Fixing Hamachi after Windows 8 upgrade

  1. kyle on

    it says “C:\Program is not a external or external command” Please help

    • Hi Kyle… you need to make sure you are running this from the windows command prompt. To do so, go to the start menu and then type “Command Prompt” without the quotes. Then right click on the “Command Prompt” program and select “Run as administrator” This will open a window that will allow you to type in commands. Then type the following including the quotes. You need the quotes since the directory as spaces in it.

      cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi”


      cd “C:\Program Files\LogMeIn Hamachi”

      You can the run the other commands as described in the post.

      • Daniel on

        Hello, thank you for all your help. I’m attempting to use the method described above to run from the hamachi folder, even copying and pasting the text you typed above, but the command prompt says that my syntax is incorrect, do you know why this might be?

  2. pat on

    hi, i have been dealing with this for awhile now, but when i try your method i get an error.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi>hamachi-2.exe –add-tap “Hamachi”
    06/10 22:24:22.212 [3524] tap: add_tapdev(Hamachi)
    06/10 22:24:22.271 [3524] tap: list_netdev_win32() ..
    06/10 22:24:22.361 [3524] vpn: adding tap device [Hamachi] ..
    06/10 22:24:22.377 [3524] tap: Collecting information…
    06/10 22:24:23.119 [3524] tap: Installing driver, step 1 ..
    06/10 22:24:23.139 [3524] tap: Installing driver, step 3 ..
    06/10 22:24:23.166 [3524] tap: Error while installing hamachi: SetupDiCallClassI
    nstaller failed with code 00000005
    06/10 22:24:23.212 [3524] tap: Done, 5
    06/10 22:24:23.232 [3524] tap: add_tapdev() failed

    C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi>

    • Make sure you are running the Command Prompt as administrator. Otherwise you may need to try uninstalling and re-installing it. I have not come across this error in the past.

  3. Michael on

    hi, every time I try running “hamachi-2.exe” it just closes on me, after a split second, can you please help me?

    • You must run these commands from the windows “Command Prompt” Open the command prompt first, then you can type in these commands. See my reply to Kyle’s comment.

      • Michael on

        Thanks for such a quick response. I managed to input all the comands, but now I’m getting the exact same problem as Pat. I re-installed Hamachi, ran the cmd as administrator and still having the same error. Sorry if I’m giving You trouble.

  4. Rcki on

    help meh, it doesnt install hamachi vpn, heres my console log:
    F:\Program Files (x86)\hamaksi>hamachi-2.exe –upd-tap
    07/24 18:38:55.332 [6524] hamachi-2.exe07/24 18:38:55.333 [6524] assert pos != –
    1 in ..\client2\engine\win32\main.cpp:325

    F:\Program Files (x86)\hamaksi>hamachi-2.exe –add-tap “Hamachi”
    07/24 18:39:09.717 [1948] tap: add_tapdev(Hamachi)
    07/24 18:39:09.718 [1948] tap: list_netdev_win32() ..
    07/24 18:39:09.733 [1948] tap: existing tap found, internal name []

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