Possible Ham Radio Arduino Applications

Possible Ham Radio Arduino Applications
  1. Use Arduino to collect and process position/weather/telemetry data and then output data strings serially into an amateur radio transmitter using APRS (Automatic Packet ReportingSystem).
  2. Ham radio repeater controller with DTMF control.
  3. Ham radio Morse code keyer for propagation beacon.
  4. Automatically tune a amateur radio‘s transmitting and receiving frequencies so as to allow two-way communications through a satellite. It also shows the accuracy of the doppler tuning while tracking a single satellite’s tone through its pass:
  5. Antenna Rotor Controller
  6. Arduino-compatible GPS data logging platform designed for wireless telemetry (amateur rockets, high-altitude balloons, RC vehicles, APRS, etc.) (USA)
  7. Satellite tracking antenna controller
  8. DTMF Decoder to control an Arduino over ham radio.
  9. Ham radio contest keyer.
  10. Controller for recorded audio messages (ie: CQ Caller)
  11. Use the Arduino to control the DDS-60 daughtercard and create a digital VFO.
  12. A USB S02R Box that is compatible with logging software.
  13. Arduino based TNC.
  14. Arduino APRS Tracker.
  15. Arduino PWM Laser transmitter.
  16. Arduino Controlled WSPR Beacon.
  17. Arduino True Battery Capacity Tester (Li-Ion/NiMH/NiCD/Pb)
  18. Arduino controlled antenna tuner.
  19. Arduino packet radio controller.
  20. Arduino controller for hidden transmitters for Foxhunt applications.

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